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This section is experimental, here is a brief description of each of the tabs:

include area

Not currently used.

preface area

This tab shows code that is processed by inserting it before the abc tune (as edited in the first tab). By looking at this tab, you can see what data abc2sn is inserting before your tune. Look at the "preface area" when you select normal notes [N] and contrast that after you select 7 shape notes [7].

epilog area

This tab shows abc lines that are appended to the tune being edited. Look at the epilog area with "leadsheet" (the guitar icon) selected, and then watch as the "leadsheet" icon is deselected.

potential uses

By exposing the "under the covers" data that abc2sn is generating, you may (1) get more insight into how abc2sn is achieving the output, and (2) you might experiment with "cut and paste" insertion of the code into your abc tunes.

If you have feedback on this function, feel free to post comments to the yahoo group "abcusers" or leave feedback at www.projectnotions.com.

(abc2sn icon)  abc2sn

An easy to use abc music notation editor. Includes the ability to use shape notes and to play tunes. A few sample tunes are available (menubar -> Load Sample -> [Amazing Grace] or [NEW BRITAIN (45)] or [Speed the Plough] or [abc template])

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Shape Note Glyphs Information
The abc2svg.js program allows the specification of note head glyphs. For more details reference the full specification of abc2svg. See in particular the section on the "map" directive.

The glyph definitons below are sent to abc2svg "under the covers" when "Type of Notes: 'Seven' or 'Four'" is selected. When 'Normal' is selected, no glyph definitions are sent to abc2svg. If you desire, you can cut and paste these definitions into the input area and experiment with how they work.

These glyphs may be improved over time. If you would prefer to programatically get the latest level through javascript, you can include this line if your html/javascript program:
<script src="http://www.projectnotions.com/abc2shapenote/abcsnglyphs.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

The javascript object abcsnglyphs is defined with the following properties and methods: