Lights and Sounds Buzzers by Learning Resources, Out of the Box Review

I didn’t just go shopping for buttons, bigger buttons, “EASY” buttons, buttons to press, buttons to buzz and buttons that light up… for no reason.   And I didn’t put out the shopping searches because I have a “thing” for buttons.  It started last century when Mrs. Project needed a “first to respond” device for a summer camp.

I enthusiastically rose to the challenge and made a quick trip to the library to look up a “lock out,” or “first to respond” circuit.  Sure enough, Graf’s “Encyclopedia of Electronic Circuits, Vol 6.” came to the rescue with an ideal SCR (Silicone Controlled Rectifier) design that was perfect for the task. Radio Shack with project saving inventory, and several project boxes, buttons, lights, (not LEDs!) a power supply, and “ta daaa!”  The rugged device has worked well all  these years.

It happened that a new camp director wanted their ownlock out” device, and the notion that I’ve wanted to do an Arduino project just bubbled out of my brain, through my mouth, and out of my lips as I said, “no problem, we’ll make a new one.”

That’s how I came to start typing in “buttons” in the search engines.  I also found out my search terms were out of date, and better hits happened with “Jeopardy,” and “Quiz Game.” I found these buttons and really liked them for the new “Quiz Game Controller.”

We think you might like them also, or at least be curious about them.  Check out our written review and our video review to get a feeling for how they work.

May your projects go smoothly,


Lights and Sounds Buzzers by Learning Resources

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