December 3, 2023

I wasn’t really invited to the Summer Camp Counselor’s meeting since I wasn’t going to be a counselor, but we all knew each other and I went with Mrs. Project.  It turned out that the camp director mentioned that they wanted their own Quiz Game Controller rather than borrowing the one we made long ago.

I’ve been itching to do an Arduino project for a while anyway, so I figured it would be a fun Saturday project.  I should have known.  Start programming something and time goes into the “time evaporator” machine.  The project turned out pretty well, details are at as well as

I have to make at least one more, so there will be more time evaporated, however, here are some things I learned:

  • How have I done without a Dremel tool for so long?  I needed it for doing button modifications and I like this tool a LOT.  I picked up a battery powered unit and it is nice not being tethered to a power outlet.  So many great uses.  I never knew!
  • The Arduino really IS a pretty nifty device.  And the available options and accessories are exploding.  Regarding size, almost the exact same functionality goes from the Arduino Uno (3″ x 2.5″) to the Arduino Pro Mini at (0.7″ x 1.3″).  Wow.  I’m thinking of putting all the “control box” stuff inside a Staples “EASY” button for one of the next versions.
  • All projects take longer than you think they will.  I knew that.  But still this took a lot more time that I could have guessed.  You know what?  It was a blast!

I’m looking forward to doing a software update to implement a “Wheel of Fortune” mode in addition to the existing “Jeopardy” mode.  I offered family members an Arduino Starter Kit if they found the Easter Egg in the game code.  (NO, this is not a public offer!!)  The prize still isn’t claimed, but I’d be happy if a young person got interested in electronics by finding the Egg and getting the prize!

Buy a Dremel, program an Arduino, have fun, and enjoy life!


DIY Quiz Game Controller

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