iPhone 4 Battery Replacement – You Can Do It!

June, 2013

After two and a half years, my iPhone 4 battery suddenly would not hold a charge longer than a few hours.  Since I was used to it lasting all day, or close to it, this caused me problems.  I haven’t felt a need to upgrade to either the iPhone 4S or the iPhone 5, so I searched for information on replacing the battery to assess how much of a hassle it would be.

I have to admit I’m quite surprised at how easy it turned out to be.  I’ll get directly to my path to battery happiness:

1. Watch this YouTube video on “How to Easily Replace an iPhone 4 Battery” by HighT3chDad.

2. Order a replacement battery.  I ordered this one on Amazon for only $7.05 with free shipping through Amazon Prime (currently only $4.99 + $0.99 shipping), and it included the tools along with the battery.  “Genuine Iphone 4 16G 32G Battery 3.7V 1420mAh and Tool”

3. Set aside 30 minutes to review the video, and replace the battery.
Really!  It’s that easy.  I’m very happy to have a new battery and not have the hassles of upgrading my phone!


p.s. This post is a bit after the fact, and the replacement battery has performed well for the past year and a half.  With the iPhone 6 having just been announced, I’m likely to upgrade soon, but I’ll probably keep my iPhone 4 as a development device, so for anyone still hanging onto a iPhone 4, don’t be afraid to replace that battery!