December 3, 2023

FCC Element 2 (Technician) Question Pool 2022-2026

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Note: the grouping of questions into the above sections follows the organization of Gordon West’s book “2022-2026 Technician Class”. All 411 questions in the Element 2 question pool are included. You Can find Gordon’s book at the following links:

Background: Where do the “Explanations” and “Memory Aids” come from? N7NBV wrote some software to get “Explanations” and “Memory Aids” from OpenAI and the “gpt-3.5-turbo” large language model. Given that AI agents sometimes “hallucinate,” Ken, N7NBV curates the answers to make sure they are not grossly off base. If you think an Explanation or Memory Aid is wrong or should be improved, contact

TL;DR version: The software behind the questions was first developed by Ken, N7AKL, and can still be accessed here. Designed as a portable set of HTML files (they can be put on a USB drive and deployed anywhere!) Ken, N7NBV then converted the files to a form that is compatible with WordPress for a more “integrated” experience. Along the way he implemented a Element Pool parser, an AI interface toolset, and other ham question pool programs. The code will be available on and a later blog post will give more details on the experience.