To Blog or not to ….

207,000 results in 0.29 seconds for Google to return hits on that clichéd alteration.

Much longer for the personal decision to blog.  It’s the commitment to be consistent that is most intimidating for me.  And there’s no way to prove consistency without getting started. Then there are the doubts about “who cares?” and is it “worth it?” and …

I think it was the Open Source movement that finally pushed me into it.  In working on a couple of recent project notions: an Arduino based electronic project, and a music macro language programming project in Python.  In pursuit of those ideas, I benefited greatly from people who took the risk and made their code freely available.  I learned a lot from them.  As I contemplated making my own projects openly available, the haunting questions emerged. Will I be embarrassed?  Did I make some obvious mistake?  It is in the public for everyone to see… forever!

Reading opinions about “To Blog or not” only fuels the flame of those doubts.  Risks of job impact, career impact, even legal problems.  Then there are questions about to use a pen name or your real name.  Then what hosting site?  What blogging tools?  In the mean time my projects kept progressing and if I was going to “Open Source” them I was just getting further behind.

So, with some trepidation, the Blogging project is started.  Yahoo Hosting, Word Press, real name, web site name:

Thanks for stopping by!

Kenny B.


“It takes half your life before you discover life is a do-it-yourself project.” – Napolean Hill

Indeed. While the site will be dedicated to documenting substantially completed projects, this blog will chronicle the thoughts, motivations, emotions and struggles in getting to the project completion.

The projects have no clear coordinating theme, other than that they captured my attention and energy.  Projects normally start with some notion that motivates the project, but in some cases the project is a notion.  For example, a trip to China ten years ago caused me to contemplate the notion of “What makes America Great?”  The project to answer that question, at least in my own mind, transversed years, continents, and relationships.  Not quite completed even yet, it’s a project about a notion.

The “ultimate” do-it-yourself project is made more rich, satisfying, and complete with the projects that consume our time.  While “all is vanity,” it’s also fitting to “enjoy the good of all your labor under the sun.”

Thank you for stopping by and best wishes in your own notions and projects.

Kenny B.